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Weedy Pygmy Seahorse - H. Pontohi

Posted on August 17, 2009 by | Featured, Species

Weedy Pygmy Seahorse pair. Photo courtesy of CW Ye

Pontoh's Pygmy Seahorse pair. Photo courtesy of CW Ye

H. Pontohi was named after dive guide Hence Pontoh that discovered these tiny seahorses. Just recognized for the first time by science in 2008, its none-the-less attracted divers from all over the world to Bunaken Island in Indonesia where it was discovered. Unlike many pygmy seahorses, this tiny seahorse prefers to hang out on algae.


They’ve been spotted on various types of seagrass, living in high-current areas. They are officially recorded as living on Halmedia and on the hydroid Aglaephenia cupressina. Divers report them on many types of seagrass and algae, moving frequently to different hitching spots. Depths between 11 and 25 meters. Often found where halmedia is growing out of reef walls.


South East Asia: Indonesia


17mm maximum size. Round trunk but very thin when viewed from behind, almost laterally compressed. Lacks tubercles found in some pygmy seahorses. Color can range from white to yellow to brown to red and pink hues, and any combination of those colors. Yellowish-brown with red around the dorsal region seems to be a common color morph.

Life Cycle

Not much is known at this point. They are often found in pairs. Two male specimen studied had eleven embroyos.


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