Pygmy Seahorses

Exploring the minature world of the pygmy seahorse.


There are currently nine species of seahorses considered pygmy seahorses.

Hippocampus bargibanti - Pygmy Seahorse
Hippocampus colemani
- Coleman’s Pygmy Seahorse
Hippocampus debelius - Soft Coral Seahorse
Hippocampus denise - Denise’s Seahorse
Hippocampus minotaur - Bullneck Seahorse
Hippocampus pontohi - Pontoh’s Seahorse
Hippocampus satomiae - Satomi’s Pygmy Seahorse
Hippocampus severnsi - Sulawesi Pygmy Seahorse
Hippocampus waleananus - Walea Soft Coral Pygmy Seahorse
Most of these species were just discovered recently, and both divers and Scientists suspect there are many more undiscovered pygmy seahorses. National Geographic has some information on the new species.

Your Photos Needed!

Many pygmy seahorse species are so new that there are very few photos available. If you can help out, please email me.